Personal Retreat and Work Study

P’hurba T’hinley Ling’s Retreat Land

P’hurba T’hinley Ling offers a serene and powerful environment for personal retreats. Situated on the bluffs overlooking the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife Refuge, and surrounded by the 2,000 acre Lansing Wildlife Management Refuge, the blessings and auspiciousness of the natural elements combine to create an extraordinary experience. We are committed to upholding the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition of secluded and boundaried retreats to offer the maximum benefit for practitioners, and this sacred land is a perfect place for deep practice. It is isolated and teeming with wildlife. The only sounds you will hear are the birdsong, and wind in the trees, occasional thunderstorms and rain, and the stars are brilliant in the night sky. We are also a ‘digital detox’ zone, as there are no nearby cellphone towers or WIFI signals to disturb the space.

Personal Retreats

Cabins and campsites are available for personal retreats when programs are not in session. (NOTE: Cabins will not be rented in 2024.)

Personal retreats can range from a weekend to a month. Retreatants can mingle practice sessions with time spent appreciating the unique natural environment. Walking trails crisscross 2,000 secluded acres of woods, bluffs, and meadows and meander along the banks of creeks.

Work Study

Book a Personal Retreat - Reserve a Cabin, Tent or platform

Our cabins, tents and platforms are available for personal retreat any time outside of our seasonal teaching programs and events. Please click below for booking information.

P’hurba T’hinley Ling offers some opportunities for practitioners interested in performing a variety of tasks in exchange for a personal retreat. If you are interested in this, please fill out the below form and we will be in touch with you.

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