Lineage Lamas

“The teacher with infinite qualities complete Is the wisdom and compassion of all Buddhas.
Appearing in human form for beings’ sake, He is the unequalled source of all accomplishments.”
– Words of My Perfect Teacher

In the Buddhist tantric tradition, the Lama or Guru is the most important element for one’s spiritual progress. Without a perfect teacher – one who has traversed the path and who possesses an authentic lineage – it is difficult to attain stable realization. As Patrul Rinpoche writes in his famous text, “The Words of My Perfect Teacher:”

“No sutra, tantra or shastra speaks of any being ever attaining perfect Buddhahood without having followed a spiritual teacher. We can see for ourselves that nobody has ever developed the accomplishments belonging to the stages and paths by means of their own ingenuity and prowess. Indeed, all beings, ourselves included, show particular talent in discovering wrong paths to take – while when it comes to following the path leading to liberation and omniscience we are as confused as a blind person wandering alone in the middle of a deserted plain. A spiritual teacher is our true guide, and we must follow him with respect.”

We are so fortunate to have had such a sublime teacher such as our founder, Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche, who mastered both the Sutras and Tantras; who received the profound instructions and transmissions from the great lineage masters; and who committed himself to selflessly transmitting his wealth of knowledge to fortunate disciples living in the west.

Lama Dawa Rinpoche - Founder

Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche was born into the Jova family, a lineage of yogis (ngakpas) which traces back to the time of Milarepa. He was born on Guru Rinpoche’s day near Mukhti Narayan, a sacred pilgrimage spot in Northern Nepal. After his birth, he was taken to the great Mahasiddha, Golok Sert’hong Rinpoche, who recognized him as the reincarnation of Nakchu Gelong Konchok, a siddha who left handprints in the caves of Mount Kailash. Golok Sert’hong Rinpoche made many auspicious predictions and named him Dawa Chhodak, in honor of the great Buddhist Masters,

Khandro Kunzang Dechen Chodon - Resident Lama

Khandro Kunzang has been a devoted student and follower of the Dharma for most of her life. In the early 1990’s, she left behind a promising career, family, home and friends, to pursue her practice of the Dharma and became a novice nun in the Drikung Kagyu lineage, studying under Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen and H.E. Garchen Rinpoche. In 1998 she met Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche while attending a Dharma healing seminar.