Who We Are

In 2007, Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche and Khandro Kunzang founded Saraswati Bhawan, a 501 (c) 3, non-profit Buddhist organization located in Lansing, Iowa. In 2008, land was purchased on the bluffs overlooking the Upper Mississippi River Valley to establish a private retreat center, P’hurba T’hinely Ling, and for the location of the P’hurba Peace Mandala Project.

Since that time, Saraswati Bhawan and P’hurba T’hinely Ling have served as a hub to uphold the teachings and lineage of the Nyingma pratices of Tibetan Buddhism, particualrly in the Dudjom Tersar and Rigdzin Sogdrub lineages. Over the years we have hosted numerous retreats, Drubchens, teachings and other special events with our founder, Lama Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche. Since his passing in 2017, Khandro Kunzang has continued to serve as the resident Lama and Executive Director of Saraswati Bhawan. Khandro Kunzang guides students in their personal retreats, offers transmission and teachings for those following the traditional path, and also public teachings and seminars in Tibetan Yoga and Meditation. She travels extensively to our centers in Mexico, Europe and Nepal during the winter months. You can find her 2020 teaching schedule here.

In addition, we offer ongoing translations of key texts, Podcasts, and video teachings, which are available on our satellite site, Saraswati Publications.

Our growing community is committed to providing a beautiful and secluded environment for traditional retreats, study and practice. We host a variety of events during the summer for private retreats, as well as public meditation and yoga classes and seminars, guest Lamas from our lineages, and gather for regular practices. Please check the Programs Page for our schedule