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P’hurba T’hinley Ling offers a serene and powerful environment for personal retreats. Situated on the bluffs overlooking the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife Refuge, and surrounded by the 2,000 acre Lansing Wildlife Management Refuge, the blessings and auspiciousness of the natural elements combine to create an extraordinary experience. We are committed to upholding the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition of secluded and boundaried retreats to offer the maximum benefit for practitioners, and this sacred land is a perfect place for deep practice. It is isolated and teeming with wildlife. The only sounds you will hear are the birdsong, and wind in the trees, occasional thunderstorms and rain, and the stars are brilliant in the night sky. We are also a ‘digital detox’ zone, as there are no nearby cellphone towers or WIFI signals to disturb the space.

Cabins and campsites are available for personal retreats when programs are not in session. Personal retreats can range from a weekend to a month. Retreatants can mingle practice sessions with time spent appreciating the unique natural environment. Walking trails crisscross 2,000 secluded acres of woods, bluffs, and meadows and meander along the banks of creeks.

Students can rent a cabin for $100/ week, or $25/weekend, or can bring their own camping gear and rent platforms for $50/ week and $15/weekend. Campers have access to the kitchen cafeteria with refrigerator, freezer, stove and simple electric appliances, electric outlets in order to provide their own meals, and there are bathroom and hot shower facilities. Meals can be provided with special arrangements.

Available Retreat Accommodations

with deck seating, each cabin includes two single beds, shelving, night stand; fee includes bedding, towels, lantern.


Khorlo Cabin

Near the Buddha House, access to electricity via extension cord for those needing C-Pap, near bathroom. We reserve this cabin for those with special needs due to it’s easy access and close proximity to the kitchen and bathrooms. It is for two people, and will be a shared cabin during special planned events.

  • $100/week per person if shared
  • $125/ week if single
  • $30/weekend per person if shared
  • $35/weekend if single

Padma Cabin

in the woods, no electricity, will be a shared cabin during planned events.

  • $75/week per person if shared
  • $100/ week if single
  • $25/weekend per person if shared
  • $30/weekend if single
with deck seating, one single bed, shelving, night stand; includes bedding, towels, lantern

Sernya & Bumpa Cabin

near the yurt, access to electricity via extension cord for those who have C-Pap machines.

  • $100/week
  • $35/weekend

Dungkar & Dhuk Cabin

back in the woods, no electricity

  • $75/week
  • $25/weekend
In 2017, we completed the construction of a traditional dark retreat house for practitioners engaged in advanced practices that require total darkness for at least seven days. The cabin is equipped with toilet and sink, single bed, special entryway to allow food to be passed through without light, and a ventilation system. Special arrangements need to be made ahead of time to reserve this cabin, have meals brought to you and to supervise your retreat. Or, you can reserve this cabin and bring your own support staff to provide meals. 
  • Rental fee: $300/week
  • does not include meals, supervision. 

Tent with platform

includes foldable chair, sleeping bag, sleeping mats, lantern. Tents sleep two.
  • $50/week
  • $15/weekend

Platform only

bring your own camping gear

  • $25/week
  • $10/weekend
To arrange a retreat, email to check for availability
In your message, please include:
  • beginning and ending dates for retreat
  • type of practice being done
  • telephone number for contact
Upon registration, you will receive information on what to bring, transportation information, etc. You will be expected to sign a liability waiver.