The Dark Retreat (Munsam)

In 2017, we completed the construction of a traditional dark retreat house for practitioners enaged in advanced practices that require total darkness for at least seven days. The cabin is equipped with toilet and sink, single bed, special entryway to allow food to be passed through without light, and a ventilation system. Special arrangements need to be made ahead of time to reserve this cabin, have meals brought to you and to supervise your retreat. Or, you can reserve this cabin and bring your own support staff to provide meals. 

  • Rental fee: $300/week
  • does not inlcude meals, supervision. 

Book A Personal Retreat

To arrange a retreat, email  to check for availability

In your message, please include:

  • beginning and ending dates for retreat
  • type of practice being done
  • telephone number for contact

Upon registration, you will receive information on what to bring, transportation information, etc. You will be expected to sign a liability waiver.