Vajra Armor Mantra Ley-Tsog of Dorje Lingpa


May 28 2022


11:00 am - 1:00 pm



Date: Saturday, May 28

Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm CST (Chicago)
Cost: $35
Online via Zoom: Recordings are available after each session

Khandro Kunzang will offer a special teaching on the Activity Manual (Ley-Tsog) of Dorje Lingpa’s Vajra Armor Mantra. This teaching is only for existing practitioners of the Vajra Armor mantra, who have already received the transmission and have completed retreats. Dorje Lingpa’s Ley-Tsog provides instructions on a wide variety of activities for using the mantra: for healing different illnesses, removing obstacles to one’s meditation practice, to bring wealth, reverse all kinds of negativity, protection, weather control, agriculture, longevity, increasing wisdom and compassion, procuring food, and more. Once a practitioner has trained in the root mantra, these activities vastly expand the benefits of the mantra.

Please note: Khandro Kunzang will NOT be giving the transmission for the root mantra, or teachings from the root terma text. To attend this teaching, you must have already received the transmission of the mantra and trained in it.

Participants will receive a translation of the Dorje Lingpa Ley-Tsog text, as well as links to a recording of the teaching.

Registration is required. To register, contact, and send your donation to:

You will receive the zoom link and materials upon completing registration.

Vajra Armor Mantra Ley-Tsog of Dorje Lingpa