Short Offering Practices for the Wealth Deities


Apr 03 2022


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


This teaching is now available as a Video Course on our Saraswati Publications website. To purchase, please click here: Short Daily Offering Practices For Wealth Deities
Khandro Kunzang will give teachings and instruction on a series of four short practices on making offerings to the wealth deities: Black Dzambhala, Vasudharani, Tseringma, and Yudronma, which come from the Red Saraswati terma of Chokyi Gotcha. These short practices are easy to learn and can be done daily. In this zoom teaching, you will receive the verbal transmission, and instruction on how to make the ritual offerings. Texts will be provided.

Short Offering Practices for the Wealth Deities