Leu Dunma Instructions by Karma Chagme Raga Asya

Date: Sunday, March 31, 2024
Time: 12:00 noon – 4:00 pm CST (Chicago timezone)
Online – recordings will be made available after the teaching
Suggested donation: $35

Khandro Kunzang will give teachings on the commentary text written by Karma Chagme Raga Asya for the famous Seven Chapter Prayer to Guru Rinpoche, known as Leu Dunma. This commentary text, entitled, “A History of the Seven Chapter Prayer along with a Series of Appropriate Visualizations” (gsol ‘debs les bun pa’i lo rgyus dmigs rim phen yon dang bcaz pa bzhugs so), includes a series of detailed visualization instructions for each of the seven chapters of the Leu Dunma prayers.

Dana: $25.00$55.00


The Leu Dunma is an important practice of Guru Yoga, and is recited by all branches of the Nyingma lineages. Khandro Kunzang will give practical instruction on how to incorporate the added visualizations from Karma Chagme’s commentary, with particular emphasis on the seventh chapter, also known as the ’Sampa Lhundrub.’

Saraswati Publications released the complete translation of this text in 2022, and a free download can be found here: https://www.saraswatipublications.org/product/leu-dunma-practice/

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