Khorde Rushen-Year 3

Dates: Every Tuesday – from June 25 – Sept 10, 2024
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 pm CST (Chicago time)
Online – recordings will be made available after the teaching

Cost for returning students: $108
Cost for new students: $315

Khandro Kunzang will continue with the series of profound teachings on the practice of Khorde Rushen: distinguishing between our relative nature and the absolute nature of our being. Khorde Rushen practice is a bridge between the Anuyoga and Atiyoga levels of the Vajrayana nine-yana vehicle according to the Nyingma tradition. While it is also considered the preliminary practice for Atiyoga, and can be taken as the entrance into Dzoghcen, it presumes a certain amount of experience in the anuyoga practices of tsa-lung-t’higle, or the practices of the subtle channels, pranas, and mind-essences. We will be exploring these principles in more depth in this year’s online course.

Dana: $108.00$315.00

The last two years of teachings presented comprehensive in-depth instructions on the practice itself, primarily based on the Khamsum Yangdrol commentary of the Konchog Chidu, and additional practices from the Dudjom Lingpa cycle, and oral teachings from Kunzang Dorje Rinpohce and Lama Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche. These practices are divided into the outer, inner and secret practices of the body; the four levels of practices for the speech and energy; and the practices of the mind. They also include what are sometimes called the ’Six Lokas’ practice, or purification of the six realms of samsara.

This year we will explore how to apply the traditional teachings of the Six Lokas in the context of everyday life – how we unconsciously embody and express each of the six realms in our thoughts, speech and behavior – and how to release that in real time. In addition we will take a deeper look at the fundamental underpinnings of these practice, exploring the teachings from the anuyoga cycle of regarding the body’s underlying structure of subtle channels; the speech/energy movement of subtle winds, and the mind’s support as the subtle essence. Through this we will come to understand the deeper layers of what keeps us bound to the wheel of samsara. In addition we will explore in more depth the profound practices of the ‘three lights’: reciting the primordial sounds of OM AH HUNG, and the transformation of the body-speech and mind into the three kayas; and the practice of ‘vase’ breath.

In this course we will distinguish between:

Our body’s form as ‘lu,’ from our embodiment as ‘ku’ = Tsa – channels – OM – Nirmanakaya

Our speech’s wind energy as karmic winds (ley-kyi lung), from wisdom winds (yeshe-gyi lung) = Lung – winds – AH – Sambhogakaya

Our mind’s course, habitual nature as ‘sem,’ from the mind’s pristine nature ‘rigpa’ – T’higle – essence – HUNG – Dharmakaya

Topics will include:

  • the formation and dissolution of the subtle body from conception to death
  • the five major ‘winds’ or pranic forces of the body; and the five pranic forces driving the sense perceptions
  • how the movement of the karmic winds are tied to the movement of conceptual mind
  • how we construct our false self-identity as ‘I,’ ‘me,’ and ‘mine’ and the suffering it creates
  • how karmic traces are stored in the body-mind continuum, creating our personality structure and imprisoning us
  • the system of 52 mental factors, and the 80 conceptual factors
  • kunzhi (storehouse consiousness) vs zhi (fundamantal ground of being)

Practices will include:

  • deep dive into the nine-round purification breath (lung-ro) and its effects on the five winds and five subtle elements
  • using the voice to resonate the head, throat and heart chakra using the primordial sounds of OM AH HUNG
  • introduction to the ‘vase’ breath – jamlung bumpachen (relaxed vase breath), bumchung (small vase), bumchen (large vase) and the benefits of this practice.
  • learning to open our senses of ’seeing,’ ‘listening’ and ‘feeling.’

This course is especially for those students who participated in the 2022 & 2023 courses and want to continue their training. It is required for anyone who wishes to attend the upcoming Khorde Rushen retreat in Feb. 2025 in Germany (please see the listing for more information).

New students are welcome to attend this teaching, but will be required to go through the videos of the 2022 & 2023 course to get the instructions on the practice cycle.

New students are encouraged to register early in order to gain access the the videos and begin to view them before the course begins in June. There are 50 hours of teachings to catch up with! In addition the full manual is included.