Khorde Rushen Retreat in Germany

 with Khandro Kunzang

We are happy to announce our first in-house Khorde Rushen retreat, to be held at a beautiful retreat center outside Berlin, Germany. This ten-day retreat will be an opportunity to go deeply into the profound practices of the Khorde Rushen

Date: Jan. 31 – Feb, 9, 2025.

Location: Rosenwaldhof:, Gross Kreutz, Germany (near Berlin)

Khorde Rushen is a series of practices that are considered to be the Preliminary Practices (Ngondro) to the Dzogchen Path. Khorde Rushen literally means to separate or distinguish between our samsaric, ordinary, or relative truth reality from our inherent Buddha nature, or absolute truth.

This series of dynamic practices are divided into three sections: Body Rushen, Speech Rushen and Mind Rushen, as well as outer, inner and secret levels. Through these practices we work through increasing levels of subtety to reveal our true inner nature.

We will be primarily following the text format from the Khamsum Yangdrol of the Konchok Chidu, with supplemental practices from the Dudjom Ter and Jang Ter, in accordance with the oral teachings of Acharya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche and Kunzang Dorje Rinpoche. The retreat will be a closed boundaried retreat, with no communications and strict adherence to retreat rules. Participants should be prepared for physical movements and exercises that can be strenuous, and in-depth practice.

This retreat is a follow up to the online courses given by Khandro Kunzang in 2022, 2023, and is primarily for those students who have participated in these courses. Those wishing to register for this retreat who have not participated in these online teachings will need to attend the upcoming 2024 Khorde Rushen online course, or contact Khandro Kunzang ( for permission. As space is limited, preference will be given to those who have participated in the online courses.

The teachings will begin at 2:00 pm on Jan. 31. Please arrive before noon. Lunch will be served. Those flying internationally should plan to arrive on the 30th. Extra accommodation at the center can be arranged. The retreat will end at noon on Feb. 9th. with a final lunch served.

Khandro was able to visit the Rosenwaldhof Retreat Center in person and found it to be a perfect place for such a practice – providing a peaceful and private setting, while offering beautiful and nourishing accommodations with a staff of committed spiritual practitioners. It is easy to access for international travelers by flying to Berlin and taking a short train ride to Gros Kreutz, where you will be picked up.

————— Costs ————

Cost for room & board at the center varies depending on room assignment. We have worked out a special group discount for our retreat, and details about the accommodation options will be sent to you. Rooms are very spacious and comfortable, and inlcudes three delicious vegatarian meals per day. You can see some photos from their website here: Cost estimate for room & board at Rosenwaldhof: €880 – €1,180 depending on room. This includes all meals. Reservations are done separately with them.

In addition, a $100 non-refundable deposit to Saraswati Bhawan to reserve your place.

Suggested donation to Khandro for teachings: €385, which can be made in person at the time of retreat. If you wish to send dana electronically beforehand, please send it to her personal PayPal account

————— Registration ——–

To register and reserve your place, or for more information, please contact our retreat coordinator, Yeshe Lhamo, at:, (0049)-179-6963251.

———— Directions ——–

Flying to Berlin:

Berlin airport (BER): starting S-Bahn station Schönefeld take the city train to Ostbahnhof Berlin, and then the local train (RE1) to Gross Kreutz

or: take the bus BER2 to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof, and then the local train (RE1) to Gross Kreutz

(about 90 minutes altogether)

By Train

from Berlin central station (Berlin Hbf):
take the local train (RE1) to Gross Kreutz (about 45 minutes)

The Rosenwaldhof will arrange your being picked up at the station Gross Kreutz