Other ways to give (gifts online, iGive, Investments)


iGive is a unique online service that allows you to shop with your favorite online stores and a certain percentage will be deducted from the sales and sent to Saraswati Bhawan. This is an easy and convenient way to raise money for Saraswati Bhawan.
More than 700 stores participate in igive.com, including the Sierra Club, Adobe, Amazon, Ebay, Overstock.com, Dell, Expedia and others.
Instructions on how to use igive.com are below. As a quick summary, once you sign up with igive.com and designate Saraswati Bhawan as your cause, when you log onto to igive.com you then link to the vendor you wish to purchase from (Ebay, Amazon.com, Dell, etc.). You are directed to the vendor’s website and make your purchase as you normally would. A portion of your purchase total is then donated to Saraswati Bhawan. This is a wonderful and easy way to help support Lama Dawa Rinpoche’s activities!
Here are detailed instructions on how to register with igive.com:

  1. Please visit the igive.com website: www.igive.com
  2. Instructions for joining are included on the home page
  3. A list of participating stores is included at www.igive.com
  4. Once you complete your purchase, you will be asked to designate a beneficiary organization. By selecting Saraswati Bhawan, a percentage of the purchase total will be donated.
  5. Your donations through shopping at igive.com may qualify as tax deductions. Please refer to the igive.com website for more information.

Please refer to the igive.com website for more information.

Gifts of Property, Life Insurance, Wills and Trusts

Real Estate

Real Estate makes a great gift, and offers great tax advantages.

Life Insurance

You can name Saraswati Bhawan as Final Beneficiary of your life insurance policy. A “Donate cash value policy” is no longer needed. Dividends are assigned to Saraswati Bhawan and it by-passes the will and comes by contract.

Trust Funds

You can establish a savings account “In Trust For” Saraswati Bhawan. Simply ask your bank for the necessary forms, and name yourself as the ‘trustee.’

Wills and Estate Planning

You can make Saraswati Bhawan a beneficiary for a set amount, or a set percentage of your estate, or designate Saraswati Bhawan as residuary beneficiary.

Donate Investments

Stocks, bonds, options, and mutual funds can be donated to Saraswati Bhawan by transferring them directly to Saraswati Bhawan’s corporate brokerage account with TD Ameritrade. By donating your appreciable securities to Saraswati Bhawan everyone benefits – you can write off the full current market value as a tax deduction and you avoid income tax (please ask your financial advisor about any limitations to this rule). Because Saraswati Bhawan is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, it is possible to hold or sell the securities and proceeds are tax exempt. Please consult your financial advisor for more information.
If you are interested in donating stocks, bonds, options or mutual funds from your portfolio, please contact us for information on transferring them to Saraswati’s account.
A note on our investment strategies: we engage in socially responsible investment strategies as recommended by Solari Investment Advisory Services. For more information about this innovative organization, click here (www.solari.com)

In-Kind Donations

An In-Kind Donation is a donation of an item such as shrine offering bowls, household items, tools or construction materials for the P’hurba Peace Mandala project. These donations are tax deductible for their retail value and a receipt will be provided for the item upon request. An in-kind donation is a personal way to be involved and contribute to the activities of Saraswati Bhawan.