The "Rishi" Stars – Sept. 9-15, 2022

by Khandro KunzangAccording to Tibetan and Vedic astrology, there are a cluster of stars, called the ‘Rishi’ stars, that ‘appear’ for one week each year – usually during the 8th lunar month (September). This year, according to Tibetan astrology, the Rishi stars will be ‘out’ from Sept. 9-15. In Tibetan this is known as ‘Karma … Read more The "Rishi" Stars – Sept. 9-15, 2022

Increasing Good Fortune by Writing Names on Prayer Flags

by Khandro Kunzang Raising Prayer Flags is a well-known practice among Himalayan Buddhist cultures. On auspicious days and in sacred holy places, pilgrims will hang strings of prayer flags on mountain tops, between trees, and where there are holy stupas. Monasteries, retreat centers and Dharma centers will hang rows of pole flags around the perimeter … Read more Increasing Good Fortune by Writing Names on Prayer Flags

How T'hroma Practitioners Die

Today we received a phone call from Nepal informing us of the unexpected death of Shiva Lodro Rinpoche. Shiva Rinpoche is the reincarnation of Golok Serta Rinpoche, a great T’hroma Chod practitioner and lineage holder of the T’ho-Luk, or Northern school of Dudjom Lingpa’ s T’hroma Chod – which comes from Degyal Rinpoche. Lama Dawa’s … Read more How T'hroma Practitioners Die